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The present privacy notice is intended to protect the personal data of the users that access the website Gaza de Guadalajara, S.A. de C V, with address on: Calle Islote, Number 3115, Colonia Santa Eduwiges, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Z.P. 44580, Phone Number: +52 (33) 36160435 shall be responsible for protecting user’s personal data. At the same time, users would be able to contact Gaza de Guadalajara in accordance to the procedure described under the section “ARCO rights”


Gaza de Guadalajara S.A de C V. respects privacy and acknowledges users concern when it comes about the handling and personal information sharing. Gaza de Guadalajara S.A. de C.V. guarantees the correct use of data collected through its website and furthermore, it does not share names of customers, addresses nor any other personal information unless the laws of the country where the website has been created requires so (Mexico, United States of America, Canada and the Caribbean).

Obtained data shall be processed for the following purposes:

  • (I) To provide information that has been requested from us;

  • (II) To optimize, comply and monitor the right implementation of the agreement;

  • (III) So that Gaza de Guadalajara S.A. de C.V. fulfills legal obligations.

Gaza de Guadalajara S.A de CV. does not transfer nor assigns third party data inasmuch as it only obtains consent to meet the ends stated above

In order to ensure that all your personal data remains safe, it is important that once you finish using the website, the browser window gets closed, if you are on a shared or public computer.

Content: Gaza de Guadalajara S.A de CV. will send promotional communications related to any available product online, which currently covers these sectors of activity: fashion and cotton furnishings. The foregoing are exclusive products of Maria de Guadalajara brand that is being offered to customers online and that belong to the above detailed areas.

Means:Gaza de Guadalajara S.A de C. V. shall send such communications by any mean (postal mailing, phone, e-mail or any other electronic medium).

Unsubscribing: concerning the promotional communications sent by electronic means, the company shall include, how the customers can unsubscribe, at no cost. We will deal with your query as soon as possible and, in any event, within the period prescribed by law. Nevertheless, in spite of doing so, we will be still sending messages with other purposes, such as messages related to any state of purchase made through our website.


The data requested is necessary so that Gaza de Guadalajara SA de CV. can meet the ends detailed above. Said information can be: full name, phone numbers, e-mail, gender, full address and references for the delivery of the product purchased on our site.


Users may contact us at our registered office mentioned at the beginning of this section or through the e-mail: to exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition. In the event the user wants to revoke the consent given for the processing of their personal data and limit the use and disclosure of their information via the means referred earlier. The query must be accompanied by the arguments by which the user wishes to exercise the rights, along with an official identification of the data holder or its agent. The request shall be reviewed in a term no greater than (20) business days. Likewise, the user may contact the INAI (Federal Institute of Access to Information and Personal Data) if at any moment, the user deems that the right of protection of personal data, has been infringed.


Cookies are small bits of information that server stores in the user´s computers to remember their preferences so that Gaza de Guadalajara S.A de CV. is able to offer a more customized experience. Cookies are also used, amongst other things, for:

Remembering payment, purchase preferences and etcetera, with the purposes of offering a personalized service. Nevertheless, the payment process operates through a safe server with the use of the Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL) which transmits information in an encrypted manner, to which Gaza de Guadalajara S.A de C. V. cannot access.

Analyzing the browsing behavior: visited sections, where customers click on, etcetera; sharing content, such as products and campaigns in social networks.

To find out whether our customers stem from internet ads, prevent fraudulent activities and maximizing the safety on our site.


Gaza de Guadalajara SA de C.V. will occasionally update its privacy and cookie policy. These amendments will be available on our site Should these changes affect the user rights, then you will be notified via e-mail to the last address that has been given to us. In any given case, reviewed privacy & cookies privacy shall be always available on the page.


This privacy policy is subject to the conditions of use of the site, which constitutes a legal agreement between the user and Gaza de Guadalajara S.A de C. V. If the user makes use of our services, it will imply that he/she has read, understood and agreed to the foretasted conditions. Therefore, it will be the user responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of their e-mail, password and any other account that has been created on the website, as well as the correct use of the account and the activities that generate from it.



The present sale terms (“Gaza de Guadalajara S.A de C.V. Sales Terms") regulate the purchase of products offered by the company to its customers through the site. Gaza de Guadalajara S.A de C.V. operates through the page, for Mexico, United States of Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean. Maria de Guadalajara solely ships and distributes products in the aforementioned countries. The aforementioned Gaza de Guadalajara S.A de C.V. sales and use terms shall always apply when customers acquire products through the site.


Descriptions of the offered products, images, graphic/ iconographic representations and videos regarding the products, trade names, brands or distinctive signs of any kind of content on the page, are of the exclusive property of the brand, Maria de Guadalajara. The same intend to provide orientation and as much information as possible to the customer.

Hence, its use, reproduction of the whole content or parts of it, is not allowed. The contents and sales of products through the site use, are designed for the customers personal and noncommercial use only.

In the event of causes of force majeure or any other incidence attributable to Gaza de Guadalajara S.A de C.V., the commodity is not available once the order has been placed, Gaza de Guadalajara S.A de C.V. shall notify the customer, offer options or refund the corresponding amount. Due to the nature of the merchandise, some campaigns may be subject, apart from the present Gaza sales terms, to supplementary conditions. Such additional sales terms shall be always available and included for the customer, in the information of each campaign.

In the same vein, the customer shall review the description and features of the product in question and any other stated condition prior to its acquisition, including without limitation, the compliance of any term and condition, outlined tariffs and reservations, and, agree to these. In the event of conflict or inconsistency between the product descriptions and supplementary conditions included for its sale, the latter shall prevail over the present Gaza de Guadalajara S.A. de C.V. sales terms. Consequently, the customer shall read carefully. Besides this company sales terms, the descriptions and conditions applicable to the sale of each product shall be considered as agreed at the moment of customer purchase of the product in question.


Without prejudice to the applicable rules, Gaza de Guadalajara, S.A. de C.V. liability concerning the acquired commodities through the site, shall be limited to the purchase price of said products.


Gaza de Guadalajara S.A de C.V. reserves the right, at all times, to alter Gaza de Guadalajara S.A. de C.V. sales terms conditions, without prior notice. Customers and users shall always have at hand the foretasted sales terms, in a visible and freely accessible location, to be viewed as required. Customers and users shall carefully go through Gaza company, sales terms.

In any case, acceptance of the cited terms at all times, shall be a prerequisite and indispensable step for the purchase of any Gaza de Guadalajara S.A. de C.V. commodity available through the website.


Cost of commodities offered through the website exclude taxes and shipping fees for its delivery to the customer´s home. These shall be detailed separately for every order, accepted and paid prior to its shipment, directly and solely by the customer.

The information on discounts of the products that are offered on the site, are calculated based on the prices offered by Gaza de Guadalajara S.A de C V. at its sales points. The company Gaza reserves its right to modify any of the costs, at any given moment. Commodities are to be paid by the customer at the advertised cost once the order has been placed and accepted.


Gaza de Guadalajara S.A de C.V. shall inform the number of units and available sizes of the models for sale on the site. In no case, Gaza de Guadalajara S.A de C. V. intentionally shall put for sale more units from the ones available in stock. Gaza will make every effort to accommodate all its customers when it comes about the demand of the products. However, on occasions and due to uncontrollable situations for the company, such as human errors or information technology system incidents, it is possible that the amount differs from the order placed by Gaza de Guadalajara S.A de C.V. in order to fill customers’ requests. Should any product not be available after placing the order, a communication that notifies the total or partial cancellation will be sent to the customer via e-mail. Partial cancellation of the order due to the lack of product availability does not entitle to the cancellation of the order in its entirety. Should the customer wish to return the delivered product as a result of this cancellation, hence, the same shall consult the section called “Return of the Product” and follow the outlined steps thereon regarding these Gaza de Guadalajara S.A. de C.V. sales terms.


Customer undertakes to cover the total cost of acquired commodities at the moment of placement of the order. Shipping costs and applicable taxes to the corresponding country shall be aggregated to the start price of every product offered online. In any case, said figures or tariffs shall be previously notified to the customer, prior the completion of purchase.

The ticket or proof of purchase and the graphic representation in PDF format of the digital tax receipt which corresponds to each order shall be sent out to the customer´s e-mail within (48) hours from the purchase in question, provided that the requested data for its issuance has been provided at the placement of the order. This solely applies for Mexico. For USA & Canada, the invoice will be in the sent package. In the case said data has not been added or the XML digital tax receipt is required, customer shall send the query for its issuance to the following e-mail:

The customer shall make the payment with credit or debit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express) or through the known payments systems, such as PayPal. The latter offers the possibility of making the payment with credit, debit card or by instalments. The card with which the payment is being made shall have an authorized bank as the issuance financial entity to be able to operate in the country where the purchase takes place.

Likewise, Gaza de Guadalajara SA de C. V. hereby declares that does not have access nor stores sensitive data regarding the payment method used by the customer. Only the corresponding processing entity of the payment has access to this data for payment and collection management. Said entity is completely foreign to Maria de Guadalajara, hence, the latter is not liable for the use given to that data. Once the purchase has been completed, an electronic document in which the agreement is formalized shall be generated. The customer will be able to print the foretasted.


Procurement of commodities through the site, shall be completed according to the following procedure: selection of the product, cart and purchase.

After the order has been placed, with the acceptance of Gaza de Guadalajara S.A. de C.V. sales terms and supplementary conditions, the company will always send an e-mail which confirms all purchase details, where it applies.

The purchase of the product shall be understood as finalized upon receipt of payment of the cost provided by Gaza de Guadalajara SA de C. V.


Cancellation of the order only applies in the case of an order extension. The customer has the option of extending without having the need to cancel. It is recommended to place the new order prior to order cancellation to ensure the availability of the commodity. Once the order is complete, cancellations shall not be taken due to operational reasons since your order is already being prepared. In the latter case, you should wait until the product arrives in order to be able to proceed with the return if you wish to do this and in strict compliance with the refund section. Gaza de Guadalajara SA de C.V. reserves the right to cancel orders in the cases and terms and conditions provided herein, under the section of name “Payment of Goods”

Delivery of the Good

Gaza de Guadalajara S.A de C. V, undertakes to deliver the acquired commodities to the customer, in perfect condition, at the address submitted with the order form, provided that this is located within the courier´s coverage and service delivery area. With the aim to optimize the handover, the customer shall indicate an address in which the package can be delivered within normal business days and hours between 9:00 hours – 18:00 hours from Monday through Friday.

  • 1. Gaza de Guadalajara S.A de C.V. shall not be liable for errors caused in delivery when the indicated address by customer in the corresponding order form, does not exist or does not fit reality or information has been omitted.

  • 2. Gaza de Guadalajara S.A de C.V. shall notify the customer of the possibility of creating several deliveries for a sales order.

  • 3. Gaza de Guadalajara S.A de C.V. reserves its right to cancel or limit the delivery of an order based on the courier´s coverage.

Delivery Time

The estimated delivery time shall be stipulated in each campaign. These periods are average times; hence, it is solely and estimation and not does not represent a guarantee of compliance since Gaza de Guadalajara S.A de C. V relies on the foreign courier services hired for this end. Due to the aforementioned it is likely that the delivery periods vary for logistical reasons, force majeure cases or acts of God. In case of delay in deliveries, Gaza de Guadalajara S.A de C. V. would notify the customer of such situation as soon as it comes to its attention.

Each delivery shall be considered as completed from the moment the forwarding company places the commodity at the customer´s disposal at the indicated address in the order form through the control system used by the hired courier services.

In the event that delivery was unable by reasons attributable to the customer in question, this shall not be considered as a delay in delivery provided that the forwarding company has already made the product available within the agreed timeframe.

Regarding the risks of loss, damage or theft, amongst others, these risks shall be passed onto the purchaser from the day the commodities are made available at the delivery location.

Delivery data, undelivered packages and misplacements.

The tracking number and the forwarding company customer´s service number in charge of delivery shall be included in the same e-mail through which the customer is informed that the goods have left the warehouse. This, in the case that any difficulties arise, and the customer is able to contact said company to resolve it. Should the customer be absent at the time of delivery, the courier services shall leave a voucher explaining how to proceed to arrange a new delivery appointment. Gaza de Guadalajara SA de C V. covers, as a part of the courier services, three attempts of delivery so as to guarantee its completion. Should the delivery be unavailable after (10) calendar days from the check - out of the goods, the customer should contact Gaza de Guadalajara SA de C. V. If the customer fails to do so once (20) calendar days had passed from the check – out of the product for its delivery, the same shall be returned to the place of dispatch and the customer shall bear all expenses connected to the shipping costs and return to the storage location.

In the event the goods were unable to be delivered due to misplacement of the package, the forwarding agent shall open an investigation. In these cases, response times of our forwarders usually vary between one and three weeks.

Timely delivery

The proof of good state of the package before the forwarding agent hired by Gaza de Guadalajara S.A de C. V. (same that will indicate any anomaly detected in the package on the delivery note), relies solely and exclusively on the customer. Should after inspection of the product, customer detects any occurrence, such as struck or breakage, or there are indications that suggest that package has been opened or any damage caused in the product by reason of the forwarding, this undertakes to notify it to Gaza de Guadalajara S.A de C.V. to the following e-mail account: or within the next (48) hours of its delivery, by phone. This, in the understanding that the calculation of said period starts from the date and time of delivery of the order in question, indicated by the courier services that completed the delivery, on the corresponding tracking label.


Gaza de Guadalajara S.A de CV. acts as an online distributor of 100% cotton garments. Said products are free of any flaws or hidden defects which would make them dangerous or inadequate for its normal use. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the use given to the products, is of the sole responsibility of the customer and Gaza de Guadalajara SA de C. V. shall not carry any liability regarding that.

Any noticeable irregularity in the materials is inherent to the natural fabrics and serves to enhance the beauty of the clothing. Dyeing processes in all garments are handmade, hence, there could be variations in the colors.

Usual contractual warranty is of (30) days on manufacturing defects. In order to make it effective it is required to follow the content of the return policy section.

Once the customer has received the commodity, the same will have a guide with sufficient instructions at hand for the proper use of the product, along with all the information related to the garment care.

No customer shall be entitled to request to Gaza de Guadalajara S.A de C.V. a more extensive warranty from the one that has been indicated thereon.

The warranty shall cease to have effect in case there are any defects or damages caused by alien factors, accidents and in particular, due to wearing or use of the products which are not fully in line with the use and care instructions provided by Gaza de Guadalajara S.A de C.V.


Process for returning of goods

Except as otherwise stated in the sales conditions, all acquired products via the Gaza de Guadalajara S.A de C.V. site, may be returned and refunded provided that the customer notifies the company in written its intent of returning the purchased commodity within a period of (10) calendar days from the date of delivery indicated by the package and delivery company who delivered it. This, for as long as the customer complies with the rest of the Gaza de Guadalajara S.A. de C.V. sales terms. Once the term of (10) calendar days ended, Gaza de Guadalajara S.A de C. V. shall not agree to any return of purchased products and the customer shall not be entitled to its return as per the assumptions enlisted below:

  • (I) should the garments have been designed or embodied as per customer´s specifications;

  • (II) on the grounds of hygiene and health, Gaza de Guadalajara S.A de C.V. shall not accept the return of used garments.

Maria de Guadalajara shall only agree to the refund when the following criteria is met:

  • 1. The product shall be returned in the same state in which it was delivered and the packaging and labeling shall be preserved to the maximum extent possible. In the case of bulky items, the preservation of the original packaging shall be required.

  • 2. Shipping shall be done in the same box or envelope in which the commodity has been originally shipped. If this is possible, in a similar format that guarantees the devolution in perfect state.

  • 3. A copy of the proof of return delivery where the returned product (s) are marked shall be included inside the package, same that may be requested to:, along with the reason for refund.

With the aim of facilitating return process to users or customers and enabling its proper monitoring, Gaza de Guadalajara S.A. de C.V. establishes a single refund procedure, which is, as follows:

Should the motif of return (or its replacement in due course) is attributable to Gaza de Guadalajara S.A de C. V., whether because the product is defective or is not what the customer requested, return service shall be free of any charge for the customer in question. If the reason is different, whether because these are not of the customer satisfaction in spite of having been properly delivered, Gaza de Guadalajara S.A de C. V. shall refund the cost of the products except for the shipping costs for the return indicated at the placement of the order. The corresponding reimbursement shall be done through the same payment method used by the customer when purchasing the item.

The customer shall follow the following steps so as to conduct the return:

  • 1. Sending an e-mail to:, in which a return form is requested or download it from the return policy section shown on the site.

  • 2. To fill a return form and forward it to the above - mentioned e-mail for its Gaza de Guadalajara S.A de C. V. review

Once the return has been confirmed by Gaza de Guadalajara S.A de C.V., the company shall arrange collection of the product or products and shall notify the date and time in which it will take place to the customer. Gaza de Guadalajara S.A de C.V. is not liable and shall not be responsible of the disbursements incurred by reason of returns that do not abide to the outlined steps herein.

Refunds to the customer

The return of the item (s) will entitle the customer to a refund of the purchase price of the foregoing, except for the cost of shipping.

Return, where applicable. - provided that delivered products are defective or inaccurate, Gaza de Guadalajara, S.A. de C.V. shall refund to the customer the corresponding shipping fees. Partial cancellations and returns shall entitle to partial refunds and Gaza de Guadalajara S.A de C. V. will handle its reimbursement, in a brief time, through the same used payment method by the customer when acquiring the product. For this, the term shall be calculated from the date of arrival of returned item to the storage area. Reflection of repayment term may vary depending on the financial institution and used payment method. Should the refund not show within the next (14) calendar days, we strongly recommend the customer to contact the bank.