About Maria Guadalajara


Maria de Guadalajara, pioneer, creator of a tradition in style, design, color and tendency.

Maria Lomelín, Designer and manufacturer for 32 years, began a unique style of a tradition and craftsmanship of gauze clothing inspired in her own personal style; created original designs, the same that, in actuality, have been the source of inspiration for her competition..

As the years have gone by, Maria inspires and creates tendencies in style and color. Her designs were originally based in a culture of the traditional Mexico of antiquity, full of color and folklore. In her eagerness to create tendencies and new fashion styles, without losing the origins of her inspiration, she converts her style to a new culture and a new way to dress. Today ́s styles capture urbanism and are inspired by the cosmopolitan woman to create designs and finishes in ardent colors, that have touched the hearts, not only of her national and international market, but also of her competitors and contemporary women alike.


In 1982 Maria began producing her first fruits and launched in to the market with colors derived from unique native dyes, cuts and finishes. She began with a relaxed line, rich in colors, ruffles, textures, and a concept generalized in size; later, in accordance with clients wishes she began offering a greater variety of sizes, from S to XL, including in some styles up to 3x. Aiming to satisfy a wider market by gifting with color and freshness, and by utilizing years of experience, Maria wove her creativity, passion, and love in each garment.